Getting to Know the Toro 21′ Commercial Mower

This mower is the “king” of mowers for landscapers today.  In my 10 years of professional landscaping, it has been the only option for me in mowing.  I have tried some other commercial mowers, but this one is my personal bread and butter.  These mowers are relatively easy to do basic maintenance on, fixing the small problems that come in every day landscaping.  It is also easy to get them serviced because almost every mower repair shop has Toro materials on hand.

Pricing does scare some people away because a brand new Commercial 21’ Toro Mower costs around $1200 dollars.  What a lot of people do not realize, though, is how durable these mowers actually are.  For example, if a typical home owner were to purchase one of these mowers, they would likely not have any problems mowing their property for 20+ years.

A quick warning to anyone purchasing a used Commercial 21’ Toro Mower:

There are number of good deals on used Toros, but be careful on buying any 2 cycle models (gas and oil mix).  The reasoning is that laws have changed over the recent years and all mowers today are either diesel or straight gas mowers for environmental reasons.  This also means that repairing these engines has gotten practically impossible because these parts aren’t manufactured anymore.

Hope this review helps. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments, or if you have a product you would like us to review.

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