Easy Maintenance Plants: The Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant
This excellent perennial plant thrives in shaded areas.  It is a very strong plant, do not worry about giving it too much shade because it will still grow and look good.  Like Canna Lillies, their root systems spread to grow more plants.  They are and excellent plant to place near established trees in large flowerbeds.  They also give a good option to change up a typical flowerbed.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Fig Ivy

Fig Ivy
This appealing plant is often mistaken for Asian Jasmine.  It maintains a healthy green color year round and is very appealing to the eye.  An excellent place to install this is on fences and along brick homes (plant this as close to desired wall for immediate vertical growth).  It is typically grown from nurseries and is sold in stores in temporary pots with the ivy growing on a wooden stake.  Fig Ivy is so appealing because of the desired eye appeal it gives on almost any wall it grows on.

Unlike most other ivies, it grows snugly to the walls it grows on.  For instance, on any upscale brick home, it does not take away from the crevasses and details of the home itself.  For quicker cover on brick walls and fences, place Fig Ivy stakes closer together.  If time is not an issue, feel free to spread Fig Ivy further apart.

Any professional landscaper should be able to maintain and trim Fig Ivy in typical horticultural practices no matter how high it grows.

Asian Jasmine Looks Good Almost Anywhere

Asian Jasmine
This particular ground cover is a wonderful solution to almost any shaded area.  Not only is it a hearty cover which spreads easily, but it will give good definition to flowerbeds where vegetation options are minimal.  Once a flowerbed with Asian Jasmine has full filled in, the typical procedure for maintenance is simply taking  a weed trimmer or hedge trimmers to keep the Jasmine at a lower cover.

The tendency and err in the maintenance of Asian Jasmine is not properly trimming it down off of tress or houses.  It will spread, but when maintained properly, is a great addition to a well-shaded flowerbed.

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