Crepe Myrtles

Why Does My Crape Myrtle Look Like it Was Set on Fire?

Here in North Texas, there is a pest called “Azalea Bark Scale.” It is a white insect that sucks the life right out of Crape Myrtles. The results will leave your Crape Myrtles looking like they are charred and black. This is a fungi called sooty mold that grows on the insects’ waste. This type of infestation can weaken the tree and open up the possibility for more fatal disease and insects.

The solution is a systematic pesticide and insect killer. Add some Terra Firma TLC, and we can get those Crape Myrtles looking beautiful again.

If you’re a do-it-your-self-er, you can buy these treatments at Home Depot; along with a soapy water solution you can wipe the black film off.